CWM/TWRP Recovery

This is a page dedicated to CWM/TWRP recoveries for LG G3 Android smartphone.

You can use Flashify app to install CWM or TWRP recovery, see How to Install CWM/TWRP Recovery for LG G3!

It will be updated with new CWM/TWRP recoveries as they are available.

As of July 28th, there’s only TWRP Recovery available for T-Mobile G3 D851 but there should be more as we go along!

As of October 10th, there’s now a special “bump” version of TWRP Recovery for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Korean, D852/D852G/D855 models.

For Lollipop TWRP, please see here instead!

TWRP Recovery for LG G3 – KITKAT

Download TWRP Recovery for T-Mobile LG G3 D851

TWRP Recovery for LG G3 [Bump] – KITKAT

Bump TWRP recovery is a special TWRP for LG G3 variants, you MUST use custom ROMs that have been “bump’d”.

Please do not use for Lollipop firmware, these are for KitKat only!

You can get bump here for the following devices:

  • LG G3 AT&T LG G3 D850
  • LG G3 Sprint LG G3 LS990
  • LG G3 Verizon LG G3 VS985
  • LG G3 Korean LG G3 F400K/S/L
  • LG G3 D852
  • LG G3 D852G
  • LG G3 D855






85 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    ETA on AT&T TWRP?

  2. Koolkatt says:

    ETA Verizon? TWRP?

  3. Pakkarapong says:

    I need TWRP Recovery G3 D850 If you have please send for me but D851 can instal for my phone?

  4. Broogle says:

    great tutorials!
    is it compatible with INTERNATIONAL version?

  5. David Davis says:

    ETA for Sprint LG G3?

  6. marc says:

    Para cuando tendremos el custom recovery para el lg g3 d855???

  7. Fernando says:

    how can i go back to the stock recovery

  8. Brian says:

    hi is there an updated eta on an AT&T recovery launch?! thanks!

  9. Brandon says:

    Any new ETA for att d850 recovery?


  10. Elosito says:

    Hi guys!! How mani time late to release a recovery to D855P?? Or this recovery works??

  11. Steve says:

    Anyone know when a recovery will be available for the d850

  12. Kyle says:

    Still no AT&T? Is there a recovery coming anytime soon?

  13. Mirac says:

    Will this custom recovery work even on the updated version of T-Mobile d85110m???

  14. OBED says:

    Lg G3 sprint Trwp/CmW ????

  15. jeans says:

    whats up whith the lg g3 beat – s (d722- d723- d724 ect).

  16. Raffi says:

    I’ve downloaded the bump file for the vs985 lg g3 and when I try to open the file in es file explorer no option is given to extract it. When I click on it it tells me to open file as image, text, audio, video or other. So far I’ve followed your instructions up to this point.

  17. Andres Arroyave says:


    If i use TWRP BUMP image version for LG G3 D850 (ATT version) and follow the same instructions to install with flashify. do you think is this work for my D850?


  18. Marco Antonio says:

    Please recovery for LG G3-D693n is same LG-G3-D693N LG-G3-D690N

  19. miguel angel says:

    Does anyone know if twrp from falsify is bumped? I checked twrp website and it is available for d800 but doesn’t say anything about it being bumped. Is it bumped?

  20. Radek says:

    Pls make it for LG G3 S – D722

  21. maurizio says:

    I have the d855k version telstra australia, the d855 work whit my model??

  22. leonardo says:

    Qual recovery serve para o meu g3 stylus d690?

  23. Aeromac says:

    every thing worked fine restored my G3 to stock and did the at&t OTA update.. But I can’t find my backups I did for both system and SD card when I used the TWRP recovery.

  24. Alfredo says:

    I downloaded twrp- but it is not a .zip file so ES can not extract it. Please help. Thanks

  25. abdu_chazy90 says:

    Is there any way to root or flashing a custom recovery or any custom rom for the LG G3 D858hk Dual sim version???!!!

  26. Rami says:

    getting “SECURE BOOTING ERROR” after downloading and flashing TWRP on my d855 !
    any solution? 

  27. m says:

    SECURE BOOTING ERROR here, whatever version of twrm, signed or not signed, up to… :/

  28. jawad says:

    Same error here, plz someone help if found a solution

    • Jack says:

      Yep. I’ve looked everywhere on XDA and no dice, not even for other devices with the same error. My normal boot still runs fine, but my recovery is not usable at the moment. Should anything happen to my other partition, I will have no way to recover. There’s been a good number of us with this issue (five I believe) and I think it’s time for someone to start listening.


      • shantanu says:

        Hey bro just go to lg suit in your computer and connect your phone. Then go to menu bar and fix the eror of softwere. Every things will be fixed. Then again root it…

  29. jack says:

    I flashed the bump’d TWRP for my d852 after rooting but when I try to boot into recovery I get “Secure error” and then gets stuck on black screen. I have to pull battery out and then I can boot up but no recovery. Any ideas?

  30. brandon says:

    Im having the same problem with the “secure boot error” someone please help!

  31. Jim says:

    same here,error.

    and I am on mac…
    I think the guide is not anymore ok…

  32. Adrian Hernandez says:

    I have the stock ROM, Lollipop. Was able to root, but TWRP (I think it was version 2.7X) supposedly installed but when I select TWRP Manager (Graphical UI from within Android), it reboots and just hangs with the Android icon showing. Seems like the differences in the boo loading process in Lollipop don’t allow TWRP to correctly install. I pull the battery and then reinsert it, Android boots up OK.

    Is there a version that would install succesfully on a rooted, Stock, Lollipop version?

  33. FlipAnon says:

    Anyone has a backup of lg g3 d855 lollipop stock recovery? Foolishly installed TWRP without backing up stock recovery. Can i do that just restore using flashify if i have a stock recovery img? Thanks

  34. Furkan says:

    LG G3 D855 – Android 5.0-ROOT

    I want to install the CUSTOMROM. I installed TWRP. I restart the phone, I see Secure Booting Error! Cause: boot verify certification.

    Then the phone turns off, the warning light starts to burn …
    I wear again, remove the battery, the phone works.

    I want to Twrp to install custom ROMs ..

    1. I installed Kitkat
    3-I installed TWRP.
    4-Phone I rebooted, it s work for the … (TWRP working)
    5-. I install custom ROMs and bump with TWRP
    6- I restart the phone, I got the error again (Secure Booting Error! Cause: boot verify certification.)
    I restart the phone, remove the battery, but I always get the same error.

    I install android 5.0 with Lgtools, phone is working. But I want to install custom ROM. How do I make

  35. Randy says:

    Where is the TWRP instructions for AT&T variant?? I’ve tried everything, nothing works.

  36. yossef says:

    Does it work with the d855 running lollipop just a simple yes or no but if you would like to add that would be

  37. ben says:

    Any idea when/if this will be working for rooted lollipop on d855???

  38. Brad says:

    Has anyone figured this TWRP recovery problem. I rooted my D852 LG G3 Canadian Version and ADB installed TWRP but I get the Secure Booting Error too. Screen shuts down red and blue lights blink. Have to pull battery and boot regular.

    This has been months now…..anyone??

  39. Jeff says:

    Hey everyone with the booting error issue check out xda and look for “imageprep” lg g3. Good luck !

  40. agus says:

    thanks for sharing,, i try this tutor

  41. Marc says:

    What ever happened to a cwm recovery for the lg g3? Can’t find one anywhere 🙁

  42. b007 says:

    Search “autorec” on playstore and enjoy

  43. jc lope says:

    i need recovery for LG- G3 D693

  44. Rey says:

    Is there any available custom recovery for d724?

  45. Nguyễn Minh Đạt says:

    please make a twrp file for lg g3 stylus(D690).It’s really hard to find it.Thank you!

  46. leonardo de paula guimaraes gomes says:

    Alguem ai sabe me dizer qual recovery serve para meu g3 stylus d690n

  47. mrman says:

    Please make it for LG G3 S (D722)

  48. J childs says:

    Lg g3 as990 needs custom recovery…

  49. Wdwboy says:

    Hey guys
    I have lg g3 d858hk but i dont know which twrp i should install,, so any help will be appreciated

  50. Adnan says:

    I’m getting the Secure Booting Error! Cause: boot verify certification. on my d855k any chance of getting this working on the Australian d855k model?

  51. saad says:

    in my lg g3 cat6 display not show what i can do

  52. loizos says:

    i cannot flash roms with the latest cwrp. try to flash but restart all the time

  53. kitamotua says:

    hi, what means bump? and can i flash some lollipop roms like cm12 without probs?

  54. johnzach says:

    Hi and congratulations for all your effort regarding rooting LG G3.
    I’ve recently bought LG G4 Stylus H635 and i’ve been trying to find a way to root it but i can’t find anything.
    I really need to do this as it has 8gb memory but half of it is full of unwanted preinstalled apps.
    Please could you find a way to root it and inform me about it?
    I’d be really grateful.
    Kind regards

  55. Salt says:

    hi! i wanna install CWM/TWRP Recovery into my lg g3 fone, will the process erase info in my fone? will it format my fone during installing? cos i hv alot of info in my fone dat i dnt wanna lose?

    best regards

  56. Xap.cym says:

    hey I just picked d851 t mobile and opened recovery with flashify and my phone which is d850 n just stuck at fastboot mode. when I plug my phone few code runs fail on screen below the “fastboot mode started”. im soooo confused what should I do

  57. babar says:

    i tried to flash bump recovery on lollipop and it now not booting into recovery at all,please help me get back on stock recovery.

  58. babar says:

    my lg g3 d850 atnt

  59. jasmine barfield says:

    how can i get the custom recovery for the att lg g3 d725

  60. AKIL ALAM says:


  61. eldar says:

    hi , tried to install TWRP recovery and somewhere i did a mistake .
    now i get boot certificate error (680) , phone wont even charge 🙁
    tried all kinds of solution but without success
    any chance you can help ?
    phone model is -D722 (LGG3)
    thanx in advance

  62. talal says:

    Hello i need a lg g3 d690 custom recovery

  63. Hamza Nadeem says:

    hi my lg g3 just got boot error while i was trying to install twrp recovery and it show on boot secure boot failure how can i fix it i cant find a suitable method to solve this…

  64. Vicky says:

    Hello sir i have lg g3 d851 T mobile running on android 6.0 marshmallow, i have properly root my phone and also have a latest twrp but my phone bootloader is lock amd i cant flash custom roms please sir help me how i can unlock my phone bootloader

  65. Vicky says:

    And how can i check my d851 bootloader is lock or not

  66. thomas ofori says:

    please i ididnt backup my custom rom before install another rom and now i want to use my old rom how can i install it. please help me because now my phone is useless

  67. Ahsan Mehmood says:

    I have a lg g3 cat6 f460l Korean and I want to install twrp and my device is rooted.

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