LG G3 Root FAQ

First thing you should do is root your LG G3 if you want to install custom ROMs, so follow:

For rooting KitKat Android 4.4.2/4.4.3/4.4.4: How to Root LG G3 first!

For rooting Lollipop Android 5.0.1/5.0.2/5.1: How to Root LG G Flex 2, G2, and G3!

Next, if you want to install custom ROMs, you need to have a custom recovery installed, so follow How to Install CWM/TWRP Recovery on LG G3!

Before you install a custom ROM, please make sure to make a backup ROM, follow How to Backup/Restore ROM on LG G3!

Finally, to install custom ROM, download the ROM zip file you want to install then follow How to Install Custom ROM on LG G3!

If you ever end up in a nasty bootloop or simply want to return your LG G3 back to 100% stock, see How to Unroot/Unbrick LG G3!


Want to enable all apps for Dual Window?  See How to Enable All Apps for Dual Window!


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  1. tareyazo says:

    what is the difference between LS990 – 4.4.2 ZV2 vs ZV4 ??

  2. David says:

    I was wondering if the rooting would work on T-Mobile phones. Ive been looking online and places tell me that it isn’t available yet. Also, I have a Mac. So if you can direct me to the video to watch in order to do it id appreciate it!

  3. salim says:

    Q> I had purschase g3 by ebay , it is was korean version. this version it isnot support in my counrty. the USSD not working with me, radio also ..
    so l want solution for thses. rooting of g3 it will help me



  4. salim says:

    Dear lee

    How to Install CWM/TWRP Recovery on LG G3 f400k, korean version. l want to change korean version rom, because it isnt work in my country?

    • Max Lee says:

      There’s is no CWM/TWRP recovery yet for that phone but I will post it as soon as it’s available.

      • Christian Duessel says:

        Is there TWRP recovery for LG-D850 AT&T yet? If not is there an aproximent estimate when one will be ready?

  5. mike says:

    any way to get unlimited tether through my lte plan on rooted g3 tmobile?

    thought i had it working through xposed module but fot a service message today about reaching cap

  6. bernard says:

    so I’m wondering if there has been any progress in rooting the sprint variant?

  7. Ziad says:

    I have a rooted LG3 G3 on stock firmware and have just received ota update to the firmware. Can I install it over the rooted device . My phone version is D-855 .

    • ll the black ll says:

      As Rom development for LG g3 is still on the horizon and the device is still young In Terms of software I’m sure there will be a wave of bug fixes and patches to come. I’d do a full PC backup first then see how you go. Rooting the device shouldn’t conflict with future updates as your running stock firmware anyway however I’d err on the side of caution to be safe…. Back up your data and system files twice!

  8. ll the black ll says:

    Hi guys. I have a rooted LG G3 D855 running stock Rom and recovery and just wondering if anyone has info on when were looking at some exciting New rom’s and if there’s a twrp or come recovery available for this model yet? There seems to be nothing out there Rom wise and only recovery is twrp for a different model… Is anyone working on anything? If not I’ll start building my own… Cheers. Great site btw. Thanks

  9. levi says:

    hi guys just have a problem with returning to stock.after i have dl all the proper files and started the steps. the lgtool stops at 15s from start up telling me cant connect to download mode.please help.

  10. Casey McNeely says:

    I have a rooted LG G3. This morning I accidentally pressed the button to install this morning’s update and now it will not move past the Teamwin screen. I have tried a hard-reset to no avail. Any ideas?

  11. Drew says:

    Did the AT&T TWRP come out yet?

  12. Phenom says:

    Hello. Can I install stock D858HK rom on D857? Will it brick the device?

  13. Jer says:

    Hello, Where are the ADB drivers you talk about on your video?

  14. Josh says:

    Hi there,
    Really nice write-ups! However, T-Mobile has sent out an updated build to 110r, how can i root my phone with that build?


  15. Alberto says:

    Hi there;

    A week ago, I gat my LG G3 16 GB phone in Israel, how can I root my phone if I have 5 Lillipot?

    Alberto LlB.

    • RANF says:

      אני מישראל ויש לי שתי מכשירים lg g3.
      לשתיהם יצא העדכון בזמן שונה אתה פשוט צריך לחכות שיצא במדינה שבה יצרו את שלך.
      ואל תעדכן ל 5.0 כי יש לזה מלא באגים בלי הפסקה והכל קורס (בשתיהם).

  16. gapo says:

    Hi i bougth a brand new LG G3 from T Mobile but my build number is KVT49L.D85110r, i followed you video step by step and at the end after everthing its still not root, because when i install supersu and try to run the app it says “There is no SU binary installed, and SuperSU cannot install it. This is a problem!”

    If you just upgraded to Andriod 4.3 you need to manually re-root consult the relevant forums for your device!

    p,ease help

    • Joseph Dang says:

      Hi Max, I have the same rooting problem as gapo says. I think my phone was updating last night and not working now. I am trying to reverse it but having a tough time. Please help.

  17. Adrian says:

    Hello! I hve the korean version F460K, may I use the Lg G3 F400K’s stock firmware to the install in one Lg G3 F460K?? ¿F400K firmware = F460K firmware?
    Thank you brother

    • Max Lee says:

      No you need to find the correct firmware for that model.

      • Kartheek says:

        Hi Max, many thanks for your instructions, I have lg G3 f460k olleh but it’s been very hard finding the correct stock firmware for this, could you please help us redirecting to correct firmware…..@.stuck in boot loop:(

      • shasanka says:

        Can korean version F460K20 rooted with out dll file

    • Kartheek says:

      Adrian, even I am having same version of lg G3 f460k olleh. Did you manage to get the correct software??

      • Inaki says:

        Hi, I’m on the same boat, lg G3 f460k olleh. I upgraded to MM using LG PC Suite, but root went away. Any luck rooting this phone with MM stock? I’m with CricketWireless in the US, LTE works fine for data,but cell phone does not register well with ATT and making a call is almost impossible. Any help or pointers on what ROMs to use here in the US will be appreciated. Thanks.

  18. RANF says:

    I own a D855 made in Korea. which sock firmware should I use?
    Right now im on 5.0 V20b-SEA-XX/
    I hate android lolipop and its bugs, must go back to kitkat

  19. chetan prajapati says:

    I rooted my lg g3 d855 and got ota for lollipop. But now google play services is not working…plz solve my problem…plz

  20. mazilu marius says:

    can you tell me if there is any way i can root the international d855 that i updated
    to lollipop?

  21. perry says:

    hey everyone
    so im looking for a little help understanding a few things about the lollipop 5.0 stock firmware that i have on my phone
    after a few days of investigation
    i realized i cant root it
    my question is where i can find the best guide to downgrade to kk from official stock lollipop( all the guides i found were for rooted phones )
    and if anyone here tried miui rom on the lg g3 d855
    thanks in advance

    • Pavan says:

      Hey Perry, have you got any solution for this? I also would like to downgrade from the official lollipop update

  22. Amiel says:

    Hi! Is there anyway that I can root an LG G3 T-Mobile D85110r? Was planning to recover some files using a third party software, but unfortunately I have to my phone root it first. I also tried downgrading the software to 10c, but it doesnt work and I am having a really hard time with it. If seen, please leave instructional URL’s to be reviewed by me. Thanks!

  23. jj says:

    will this rom work for the ls990 ?
    Lg g3 sprint model?

  24. Zolton says:

    can you do please do a video of how to enable AWS on the cellular device?

  25. oren says:

    hey im trying to install twrp on my lg g3 lolipop. rooted. get an error on boot “scure boot certificate etc….
    please advise

  26. cookies says:

    Is there any way to get my lg g3 stock apps on the blisspop ROM? The camera app on blisspop is kinda buggy and I would like quickmemo back.. Is there a package out there any for the g3 apps such as the gapps zip file? Would he great it if can get those apps back. Quick remote would be great too..

  27. joe warren says:

    hey max,

    so any news on when a true one click is coming for lg g3 lollipop? also anything for us OS X users? i don’t use windows any longer…may have to start it up again for this crap…any news would be great guys, thanks.

  28. ZEPHANIAH says:

    am using LG-D855 and its displaying that viber and whatsapp are denied from accessing the contact message on the sreen what might be the problem?advice me

  29. Ahmad Rifai says:

    Anyone know if/when we can start using G3 Tweaksbox on rooted G3 lollipop (AT&T)?

  30. Rocky says:

    maybe a lame question but am running a v20g-sea-xxx on my g3 d855. i got it just recently and as soon as i unboxed it, i got an update request that i installed which took it to v20g. and so far am not able to root that with any method available. so can you tell me how to know which is the original firmware version that came on the phone before i updated it?

  31. Fotizz says:

    LG can see if the phone was rooted before if now is in stock condition?

  32. Valentin Galvan says:

    I was on my LG G3 and on the notifications it suggested that I download TWRP, but I didn’t know I had to root my phone first. So now I’m on the Team Win Recovery Project v2.8.0.1. I see the Install, Wipe, Backup ect. And I’m trying to get out of that screen, so I’ve gone to Reboot- System but it just takes me back to the original Install Wipe Backup screen, and I can’t get out

  33. Wolf says:

    Hey Max,

    I appreciate all the hard work and detail you put into your tutorials. I’ve been trying to root my LG G3 D855 International model (running And. 5.0) for a while now with no luck whatsoever. I followed your instructions exactly, and although CMD claims to have installed everything successfully, Titanium Backup or any other verification app claims that I am NOT rooted. Do you have any idea why this is happening? Thanks in advance!

  34. Clif V says:

    Can I root my LG G3 5.0. With my macbook?

  35. Ali Hyder says:

    can you please guide me i am kind of lost because every time i go through these steps with my lg g3 d855 it just never reaches anything, in the first boot there comes written fastboot and some other stuff and it just struck there.

  36. Bailey Dayson says:

    My D855 is stuck in firmware update and it says: 910K b85 qem. i have a loose cable and when flashing to stock firmware it was knocked and fell out. can anyone help?

  37. haychem says:

    Av installed trwp on my lgd855 bt is nt booting to trwp mode.it will just off try to start as if it want to enter trap mode bt it enter normal boot.pls way forward very urgent

  38. lery says:

    hi! i try rooting my LG g3, it worked well last night, but this morning it shut down by itself and when it opened the logo just kept on blinking. i read that my phone could be bricked. i just want to ask if by installing stock factory firmware would solve my problem? thanks and hoping for help guys! 🙂

  39. muhaziq says:

    Can i using this method
    I using lg g3 d855 ???

  40. Carlos says:

    i need help, i think it’s imposible to root the g3 beat d724 dual sim. i trie all the methods without success, can you guys tell me how to do it.?

  41. shasanka says:

    The current version is F460K20c built on Dec 26, 2014.
    can it be rooted with out dll file

  42. Zac says:

    I have a of G3 ls 990 sprint and it won’t accept a root

  43. Papasugar says:

    I have a LG G3 with official marshmallow! But i would like to try cm13. The 1st step is to get root but in the list above there are only methods for kit kat and lolipop. Do i have to revert to official lolipop and then start rooting etc or there is another way??

  44. Reinaldo says:

    Today I made an upgrade to the official version of the Marshmallow on my LG G3 and I lost the root I had before with Lollipop. Is there an option to make root for the latest version of Marshmallow? Thank you for the help.

  45. Lane says:

    Any idea on how to get passed the kill switch?? LS990

  46. sami says:

    Hello i forgot the pin code of Mcafee on LG G3 can you help me please ?

  47. Malik Ayaz says:

    Hi Max, i did all steps in LG G3 D851 for unroot from 6.0 to 4.2.2 but after reconnecting when it says ‘Ready’, It fails saying Model Information Check FAIL… is there any way I can fix this pleeaasee???

  48. Usman Daud says:

    Why can’t work on mine
    How to root LG G3 D851 or install TWRP or Install Custom Rom like MIUI 8

  49. Mumuni Sung says:

    I accidentally installed a wrong TWRP recovery on my lg g3. My phone is D855 but I install LS990 recovery so when I tried to flash, I flashed the ls990 stock ROM on my phone but some stuff were not working. So I reinstall the correct recovery for d855 but can’t boot to recovery unless I use the ls990 recovery. I installed fulmics for both d855 and ls990 but non of them seems to work pls Help

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