How to Enable All Apps for Dual-Window on Rooted LG G3!

For those of you asking me why you should root your LG G3, there’s one feature you can enable with a rooted LG G3 that you probably agree is a good reason.

The LG G3 comes with dual-window multi-tasking feature similar to the Galaxy Note 3 and S5.  Well, just like Note 3 and S5, the dual-window only supports handful apps out of the box like YouTube, Gmail, and a few more.

If you don’t have a rooted G3, you will be stuck with this useless dual-window feature with limited set of apps.

But with root, we can easily enable LG G3’s built-in feature to enable ALL of your apps for dual-window.

Before we begin, you need a rooted LG G3. ¬†If your G3 isn’t rooted, please follow How to Root LG G3 first!

Step 1. Download and open Build Prop Editor app from the Play Store.


Step 2. Make sure you hit “Grant/Allow” when Superuser request window pops up.


Step 3. Scroll down and find “persist.splitwindow.support_all” and set the value to “true”.


Step 4. Reboot your LG G3 and your dual-window shall now support ALL of your favorite apps for full multi-tasking!


Step 5. Once rebooted, open up dual-window and find all of your apps now enabled!


Now you can play your favorite games while getting some work done at the same time.



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10 Responses

  1. Jim Schukow says:

    Thanks Zedomax I have been waiting for root on my sprint lg g3, now that we have that, this is the first thing I wanted to do. Thank You keep up great work.

  2. Jesus says:

    …THe normal dual window for the G3 isn’t ‘useless’.

    Most users like me just want Youtube, and Chrome on the screen… We don’t need Angry Birds and Chrome at once.

  3. Kevin McMahon says:

    Max, changing to true wont work, I tried all and true still nothing?
    any Help??
    Please help respond to above email Please

  4. Tristan Keaster says:

    I went from a VZW S3 to a VZW G3. I bought the phone on Amazon so I only spent about $50 for the 32g, had it rooted, running Nova and everything set up the way I like it within about an hour after opening the box. With this change complete I can now say this phone is exactly what I was looking for.

    Thanks Max for showing us all how easy this stuff is.

  5. Eric says:

    soft brick….booooooooooo

  6. crolikman says:

    Yup….editing buildprop results in bootloop. I have followed the instructions Mac posted meticulously and….surprise, BOOTLOOP. I guess it depends on the phone. For instance rooting the G3 using Mac’s YouTube Flex 2 video resulted in a….BOOTLOOP. Now, while still being able to go into download mode I have just stubbornly kept doing the same thing that brought me to the softbricking my G3 and….surprise, on the 535th attempt my phone suddenly rebooted and got supersu app installed. Go figure!

  7. Geeno says:

    awesome post! thanks a bunch!

  8. Manuel says:

    You are the man!, very thanks Zedomax!

  9. rokoe says:

    resulted in BOOTLOOP ie soft brick,

    do not follow this guide!!!!

  10. Dana Longever says:

    Worked great on my LG G Pad 8.0 v480

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