How to Install CWM/TWRP Recovery on LG G3!

For those of you who want to install MODs, custom ROMs, and more, you will need CWM or TWRP recovery on your rooted LG G3.

Now, as of writing this post, there’s only TWRP recovery for T-Mobile LG G3 D851 but this method should work for all LG G3 models when CWM/TWRP recoveries become available in the near future for all of the different models such as D855, D850, etc…etc…

Before we begin, you need a rooted LG G3, please follow How to Root LG G3 first!

Step 1. Go to the CWM/TWRP Recovery page at and find the download the recovery image for your model of LG G3.


Step 2. Download and open ES File Explorer.




Step 3. Browser to your Download folder and find the image zip file you downloaded.  Select the image zip file.



Step 4. Select “Extract” at bottom-left then hit “OK”.  It will extract the recovery image file to auto-created folder in your Download folder as shown below.


Step 5. Install and open Flashify app on Play Store.


Step 6. Make sure you hit “Grant” when Superuser request window pops up then choose “Recovery image”.



Step 7. Choose “Choose a file”.


Step 8. Browse to your Download folder and select the new folder that was created when you unzipped the image zip file earlier.



Step 9. Select the image file, it’s the file ending in “.img” as shown below.


Step 10. Next choose “Yup” to flash recovery.


Step 11. Choose “Reboot now”.


Step 12. You should find your CWM or TWRP recovery.  (Or it may just reboot.  If that’s the case, you can use QuickBoot app from Play Store to get into CWM/TWRP recovery.)


That’s it!

I should have stock recoveries you can also install with Flashify app soon.  The process is exactly same but using stock recovery, so you can get OTA updates later also.



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40 Responses

  1. Scott Holstein says:

    Probably a no brainer question but I will ask anyway. The T-Mo TWRP image won’t work with Verizon LG G3, right?

  2. Mark says:

    Do you have the stock recovery to flash? Curiously I can’t find it anywhere. I always like to have the stock recovery in case I get TWRP issues I can flash back to stock recovery without doing a full nuke.

  3. Mark says:

    Never mind. I ripped the stock recovery img prior to flashing TWRP.

  4. Febryand says:

    is this TWRP will work under LG D3 D855 models? not also D851 i mean. Thank you

  5. kevin andyroid says:

    Sir Max, the accessibility setting crashes settings on rooted LGg3, twrp installed, any ideas how to fix

  6. kevin andyroid says:

    Max re above comment, is there an accessibility apk available to use with fx root explorer? or other install methods??? I would like to calibrate the phone display with that setting

  7. kevin andyroid says:

    Max am going to try the sky Dragon Rom, Read everything sounds good, it definitely is not like your recommendations though, You inform all the details and tutorials+ Am always confident with your ideas and thoughts <—– they are well informed and precise to say the least
    1? though in the description of the rom it mentions GAAP removal, <—- what does that mean?
    Also it does not mention flashing GAAPs at all, Should I just pick a 4.4.4 or 4.4.2 GAAPs and use that with the rom?
    A Student of yours…

  8. kevin andyroid says:

    Max, 1 more ?
    Flash the kernel or rom?
    But my guess is the kernel is already in the rom…
    Also is this the best and direct method to ask ?’s
    A Student

  9. kevin andyroid says:

    Running MAHDI,,, on my nexus5, never looked back,
    tweaked the display quality with the franco kernel,
    ONE Awesome phone…

  10. Dan says:

    TWRP is released for all variants. It’s called bump. Check it out on xda.

  11. Noah says:

    Any progress on CWM/TWRP for the D850? Also, a somewhat nooby question, is there any way to load pure android on a rooted device? (not necessarily the G3, but overall)

  12. Rajiv says:

    If I bckup stock recovery using flashify before flashing twrp then will I be able to restore it without any problem so that it will be completely stock

  13. Irvin says:

    Hey max, I have a question. A problem actually, after I install the At&t d850 img file into my phone to install twrp, it restarted automatically when I was at my homescreen and and went to twrp recovery mode. then when i want to go back to my normal boot or homescreen of my phone, it keeps booting up TWRP recovery. I had ART runtime on and I don’t know if that’s the problem. Any suggesting on what I should do?

  14. carlos aguado sierra says:

    Not work for lg g3 d850……

  15. Tai says:

    D850, Lollipop 5.0.1. Didn’t seem to work. Reboot resulted in flashing blue/orange light and unable to turn on. Battery removal reboot got the phone back up n running though. Does TWRP work on Lollipop?

  16. ricardo says:

    hi im having a problem on d855 installing recovery it says certification error on boot and i have to pull out the battery and restart the process how i flash the recovery?

  17. aaron andrus says:

    hi max ive been rooting with you sing my htc one lol now got the lg g3 and i can not get twrp to install or at least boot. its driving me crazy im running 5.0.1 stalk rom but im rooted any word of advice?

  18. aaron andrus says:

    oh i have the d850 model

  19. Esdras says:

    Hola busco como rootear mi LG G3 la version v10r me podrian ayudar

  20. Nirej says:

    I tried this method. Once it is rebooted however, the boot certification fails at the logo screen, switches off and the led blinks blue and red. I have tried doing the adb method. Same thing happens. Is there a solution to this?
    My version of Lg G3 is V20C SEA D855

  21. edward castro says:

    I follow this tutorial and still getting nothing after reboot in recovery… Lg g3 att… After reboot logo screen with a small text in the left corner …. And then … Black screen with red and. Blue ligth blinking …. Nothing happen … I have to remove battery to restar the phone… Any help with this … Thanks a lot

    • Mark Powell says:

      @edward castro I have the same problem. the only things i’ve been able to learn once blank screen with blinking led’s hold down simultaneously the power button and the -volume until you see the LG Life Is Good screen, then verizon orange splash screen, then eventually stock recovery.

  22. Owen says:

    Will this work with verizon g3 after 5.0.1 update? Rooted without issue.

  23. Robert Doucet says:

    What updates are out for the T mobile. 851 there a new zip for the newest stock Lollipop updated rom since we were shown how to update and keep Twrp

  24. nicolas says:

    Flashify sux, i can flash only 3 times.
    is there another method?
    does fastboot work?

  25. AAA says:


    I have LG G3 D855. i have issues at recovery stage. After going through first 11 steps above, after I press “reboot now” at step 11/12 above, my phone stucks at fastboot. I simple phone’s battery out and it restarts normally, What went wrong, please guide.

  26. raman says:

    Plz somebody help me i stuck on fastboot mode started after step 11. Not able to enter in download mode also.. Please tell me how to install twrp recovery in this situation

  27. Khan says:

    Can somebody share the TWRP file for LG G3858HK??

  28. Ahmad says:

    Sir flashed TWRP recovery but i when i reboot in recovery instead of opening TWRP recovery it shows “[770] Fastboot mode started” can you help me how to solve it?

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