LG G3 Stock ROMs

This page lists LG G3 stock ROMs.  If you ever need to go back to stock, you can use these stock ROMs to install stock firmware using TWRP or CWM recovery.

Simply install these stock ROMs normally.  To get root, simply flash SuperSU zip file after installing the ROM.

 Stock Lollipop ROMs

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  1. Marcelo says:

    Hello. I was on 4.4.2 original stock rom. I rooted the phone, installed TWRP recovery, and then installed CM12 on my LG G3 D850.

    Can I use “Stock Lollipop ROM” directly from the recovery?? Need to do something more??

    Thank you for the help.

  2. conrad says:

    i’ve rooted my lg g3 d850 and running now cm12 officiak nightlies..
    can i use twrp and flash the official lollipop rom for the lg g3 d850 from recovery?
    i tried before it and appeared to be stuck with the lg bootanimation and the notification led kept flashing for well over 10 minutes..
    i don’t know if this is normal/supposed to happen after flashing the officail lg g3 d850 lollipop rom..
    i subsequently pulled the battery, rebooted into twrp and restored the cm12 backup..
    can you post a video of the process of installing/booting the official lg g3 d850 lollipop zip?
    i’m not sure if i was going ok at the bootanimation/flashing notification led when i reverted back to cm12..
    let me know..



  3. Tsf says:

    I was on 4.4.2 original stock rom, rooted phone, and with TWRP installed. Will these roms work with D852? I just wanted the lg stock lollipop version, since I can’t get updates anymore.

  4. tahir says:

    hi ,so i was going to load a custom rom ,during the wipe i wiped my internal storage meaning i have no current  rom or custom ,my phone has no rom ,is  there a way to just for me to flash the rom ,im used to Samsung and odin so when it happened to me on odin i just loaded the rom ,but im not used to lg flash tool and how to use it just to load a rom ,i have downloaded the rom ,how do i load it and boot it?

  5. Brian Torres says:

    Hey, is there one for the d851 version? I really need because I want to go back to stock. I originally flashed Cm12 but I did make a backup so I’m stuck with Cm12 the reason I want to go back to stock is because the phone reboots at the most random times. So yeah, is there a version for d851 or any help reverting to stock? Thanks.

  6. fahad says:

    flashed stock lollipop rom as given above by twrp recovery
    after upgrading my at&t lg g3 d850 losing signals and goes no service
    any idea .
    m not using at7T SIM ON IT.

  7. david says:

    i have the sprint model is there a lollipop for it

  8. PR1DE says:

    So I made a backup of stock LG G3 D851, flashba custom ROM. Used it for several weeks and now I tried to restore Stock D85110R and it boots up, just that my network keeps restting as if it cant get a stable connection. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

  9. Manuel Melgar says:

    Hi guys. I have the LG G3 D855F, can I install the D855 official ROM? Your advice will be appreciated.

  10. EJ says:

    i just rooted my lg g3 running the official lollipop update.. is it possible for me to flash roms even though the version of my phone is in lollipop? or the roms that are available are fine to use for all lg g3 running kitkat or lollipop? please help. thanks

  11. Daniel Alarcon says:

    Zedomax, question, the G3 I have is an: LG-D855P can I use the D855 listed here ?

  12. RoOSTA says:

    This is pretty useless…What about the newer 2014-released DUAL SIMs? They are models D856 and D858 and not even mentioned here, no downloads… Unhelpful

  13. Nomie says:

    This article is useless for me, since I have D856 model, for which I could not any Stock ROM. I want KitKat Stock Rom for my dual sim D856, since Lollipo 5.01 is just crap. Can you please upload Kitkat Stock Rom for D856 ?

  14. Edgar says:

    Hi max…

    With this room the device will be rooted, or I have to root it later?


  15. Rafa says:


    I’m having trouble downloading the rom for the D850; the download freezes between 6% and 14%. Can I get the direct link please? This way I can probably use a download manager like JDownloader.


  16. Rensleigh says:

    Do you have it for the d722

  17. Jc says:

    I installed the rom on my d851 and i have a problem that sometimes my phone desides to shut it self off or crash is there any fix

  18. John says:

    Installed this Rom on my d850 and my data will not work and the service cuts out periodically. This G3 is unlocked and i have T-Mobile instead of AT&T. I tried to re enter the apn setting with no success. Have any ideas?

  19. saif67 says:

    do you have any custom ROM for lg g3 D856 plz plz …. Find me…. send me an Email.. pls help me.. um having network problem

  20. Mohib says:

    Hello Guys,

    I have Official version on Kitkat 4.4.2 on my LG G3 D850 (At&t). I am using the phone outside US. I want to upgrade my phone to Android Lollipop.
    However, whenever I try to upgrade my software via device’s Software Update in settings, it gives notification that “your device is up to date. you may check again in 48 hours”.

    Please advise how can I upgrade my phone to official Stock Lollipop manually without any Root?


  21. Eddie says:

    Is this the 5.0 por 5.1 versión of the stock ROM?

  22. taresh says:

    Hi I’m on stock lollipop rom I just changed kernel and no I want to flash kernel but didnt get the link what should I do now can you anyone explain the procedure.. plz

  23. Charles mcclurg says:

    Im running cyanagenmod 12.1 night flies and backed up CyanogenMod and wiped everything butt I installed the stock zip and the navigation bar and notifaction bar would not show up

  24. kenneth says:

    does it still can get an ota update from lg?

  25. Apostle says:

    if you are coming from a custom rom you have to first do a wipe before installing the lolipop update. also make sure you also flash super su or you may loose your twrp recovery on some devices.

  26. Manuel says:

    No root for us990 us cellular lg g3?

  27. Blearg says:

    The mobile d851, downloads are all corrupt, is there a better place to get these

  28. an'idiot says:

    I’m on cm 12 sprint varient do I just download the zip and push install?

  29. Danish says:

    I have LG G3 VS985 but i wish to install factory stock rom other than VS985 is it possible?

  30. omagic says:

    i use a rooted lg g3 with software version of is990zv4….how can i install update the android version on it?

  31. Pete says:

    I followed instructions to update my LG G3 d855, downloaded stock rom from the link above doing as specified, the phone get so far as stating ‘turning wifi on’,

    I have 5.0 which is nice though no wifi as it does not enable wifi. Every time the phone restarts, I go through ‘android is upgrading’ please advise.

    Many thanks.

  32. jamie says:

    downs loads for stock rom and firmware not working, keep getting toekn, please fix I so need to load stock on my d855

  33. Glenn says:

    Where can I find the stock recovery.img for lollipop on the D850? The KK download contains a recovery.img but not the lollipop. Or is it the same?

  34. Fwink says:

    I have a G3 D-852G, i root the phone but i want to come back like when i get it.
    I know i need a original ROM but where i take that and how to instal…?

    Am tire because my phose is slow, hot and when he ring i have to open everything by my self..
    Thank you in advance.

  35. Kaptain Kankle says:

    To go back to stock you need to use the LG flash tool, and flash the stock IMG for your device. You may have to flash to an older version and update from there, but for most variants of the LG G3 you should be able to flash right over everything. Now this will kill all your TWRP, and ROOT, but you will be back to stock, and able to receive the OTA updates for your device. Not that I’d want to do that now that CM13 (6.0.1) is out, and runs better than 5.1.1 ever did! 😉

  36. Usman says:

    I have lg g3 D850. am wanted to update android lollipop 5.0.1. Please Upload video how to update.

  37. Stefan says:

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I am trying to install Lollipop on D850 with LG flash tool. I used it to install kit kat, but want to put lollipop on. All I need is the dll file for the stock ATT D850 G3 but I can’t find it anywhere! Anyone have a link?

    • Stefan says:

      I take it back. The zip I downloaded was for use with TWRP, so I don’t have the tot file either. 🙁

      I tried using TWRP method (my phone is rooted) but 2 problems: no SD card because I didn’t need extra space. means I can’t wipe. Also, when I used quickbook to get into recovery mode, it did not do the same thing Max’s phone did in his video, so I was not sure how to proceed…

      Does anyone have a download link for tot and dll files for LOLLIPOP installation on D850 (can’t upgrade over network because I live in Central America, not USA where I got the phone)

  38. Umer says:

    i have tried many roms but i am facing the same problem “sound is not working” my device is “LG G3-D851” can somebody tell me how to fix it? or if somebdy is facing the same problem. Currently i am using “cm-13.0-20151201-NIGHTLY-d851” . Please help!! thanks in advance 🙂

  39. rr says:

    Whats with this – I select Download for D850, enter captcha and get this – happened 5 times:

    Download File
    Sponsored Links
    File Details


    File Size: 4.00 KB

    Please refresh browser to get MD5 of this file!Unable to open file!

  40. Irfan says:

    I have ls990 sprint. I installed lollipop over kitkat but lollipop have so many problems. How can I downgrade to kitkat.

  41. Alex says:

    I tried to flash LOLLIPOP D850r1 . I put it in SD card Then I tried to install it but what I am getting is FAILED!!!

  42. AMBRO says:

    sprint roms?? LS990

  43. John Martin says:

    Hi Max, have d855; no Wi-Fi working. Can I restore to stock to fix? Thks.

  44. Alex says:

    Hey guys, I’m using stock lollipop rom. I’d like to replace with cyanogen, but I’m affraid to loose Bluetooth “Turn Audio mode On” feature.
    Could you tell please if this feature remain after installing cyanogen?


  45. wilson german says:

    Hi max, I have a LG G3 D850PR, I would like to know if I can change the rom by AT & T original in any of its versions, if possible let me know please, thanks in advance for the attention and great videos keep it.

  46. Arslan says:

    Hello every one i have lg g3 and updated to lollipop 5.0.1 its drain my battery very quickly is there any solution please tell me …

  47. Falak says:

    .dll file for sprint (ls990) is not downloading i think link goes dead

  48. dee says:

    Hi Max
    I have Lg G3 D855 Variant running 4.4.4 KitKat, pls direct me how to download the compatible lolipop ROM and how to install it. Tnx

  49. Sheheryar Chagani says:

    I updated my phone D850 from Kitkat to Lollipop. Everything goes good just one major problem is occurring, that the network signals are getting on and off like it suddenly says No Services for few seconds and then resume.

    Please help me in it.

  50. Dylan Singh says:

    I was just wondering if this ROM if completely safe and it wouldn’t fuck up my phone which it did on the cyanogenmod.

  51. adeekhan says:

    can anyone help me …. my lg g3 is not rooted ….. how can i update my phone to lollipop ???

  52. adeekhan says:

    @Max Lee #Max Lee please guide me … step by step …………….. and i am in trouble also …. i can use my wi-fi on g3 …

  53. Clem Patafio says:

    Hi All…
    I’ve rooted my LG G3 LSL990, installed the latest version of TWRP (3.0.2-0), as well as Titanium Backup Pro. I’ve created a backup using TWRP and a “Data & System Files” backup using Titanium.

    Whenever I start TWRP (using Quickboot), I see “Secure booting error! Error code: 1003” in the upper left corner for about 10 seconds then TWRP starts up just fine. I’ve spent several days searching the Internet for whether it’s safe for me to upgraded to a Custom ROM or not. I’ve seen various answers… some seem to indicate it’s OK. Others indicate that the bootloader is locked and must be unlocked.

    I’m SOOOO confused! Please help! Is my G3 ready to upgrade or do I have to somehow unlock the bootloader?

    Thanks in advance…


  54. saaleem says:

    Above link d850 doesnt work
    Plz give me another link

  55. vijer says:

    Long ago I rooted my LG D855, then recently I flashed Resurrection Remix and it worked well. Then I updated the RR rom and Magisk root wasn’t installed. I downloaded it and it said it installed then I rebooted my phone and I got the fashing blue and red led. When I tried to get into recover it gave a message about recovery but wouldn’t go into recovery.

    I could get into download mode so I restored the stock KDZ using the LF Flash Tool. But now I can’t root the phone. When I do the root as described in this tutorial everything seems to work but the phone won’t reboot.

    Any suggestions?

  56. vijer says:

    I am in Thailand and the download for the stock ROM don’t work. It always times out. I have tried it from four different locations. Any way to get it posted somewhere else?

  57. RRegen says:

    I installed the ROM (D855) without any major problems (had to remove some script code that caused an incompatible baseband error).
    My old G3 is flying now!
    Thanks for all the excellent videos and instructions!

  58. Miyavi says:

    How to fix overheating lgg3 f400

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