BlissPop ROM for LG G3! [Lollipop/Android 5.0.2]

If you are looking for a good Android 5.0.2 Lollipop AOSP ROM (What is AOSP?), then definitely check out the BlissPop ROM.

Based on latest Android 5.0.2 Lollipop, BlissPop is a highly-modified version of CM12, bringing you a ton of customizations including some features from Android 5.1.  I know Android 5.1 just came out and one of the coolest features is its drop-down WiFi menu so you can easily switch your wireless network.  Well, with BlissPop, you get pretty much the same feature with its Bliss Interface in Settings.


I know official LG Lollipop is out for most LG variants but for those of you with T-Mobile G3, the wait has been a bit too long, we have still not received official Lollipop update even after 3 months while other variants have received them.  But no worries, you can easily root and install a custom ROM such as the BlissPop ROM, bringing your phone back up to speed at Android 5.0.2.  Of course, you will lose your LG native camera and IR blaster feature but it’s not a huge deal since Google Camera does fairly well and hopefully you are not a pro-couch potato.



What I really like about BlissPop ROM isn’t just the endless number of customizations, it’s the way they have it organized, making it easy for users to easily navigate through the menus to tweak their phone.  BlissPop may have one of the most customizable Lollipop ROMs out so far which includes wide array of options including customization for you status bar, navigation menu, recents menu, notification drawer, lockscreen, power menu, and comes with goodies like Gesture Anywhere, App Circle bar, and much more.


Status bar options are filled with more options than you can imagine.  Don’t forget to enable brightness control!


In Notification drawer, you will find “Detailed WiFi View”, enable this option and you will have the same WiFi switching capability as Android 5.1 does.



My absolute favorite feature?  It’s definitely App Circle Bar, makes switching to your favorite apps easy with one-hand, this is very useful when trying to use your phone on the go.


Camera?  Works flawless.  Before Lollipop, 4K UHD video recording was not supported at all.  Starting with Lollipop, you will get all the 4K video you want even with an AOSP ROM such as this one.


Overall, BlissPop has really come far in the last few months that I have been watching.  This ROM is also available for many other Android devices and it’s probably one of the most customizable custom ROMs on Android Lollipop.  So, definitely give this guy a test drive this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download BlissPop Lollipop ROM for AT&T D850

Download BlissPop Lollipop ROM for T-Mobile D851

Download BlissPop Lollipop ROM for Sprint VS990

Download BlissPop Lollipop ROM for Verizon VS985

Download BlissPop Lollipop ROM for D855


Download Android 5.0 Gapps (get the standard version)

BlissPop ROM Installation Instructions:

See our universal installation guide for TWRP recovery.  And also PLEASE make a backup ROM beforehand, see our backup ROM guide for TWRP recovery.

Credits – DS850/DS855/VS985/LS990, DS851<— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


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12 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    How is this for running games? I am on CM12 and its not so stable for gaming.

  2. al adamson says:

    glad to finally have blisspop on my d855..tried it from XDA but it wasn’t booting..very nice rom.smooth and fast!!

  3. Imran Masood says:

    Dear Max Lee,
    I am Using LG G3 D855 international version tried to root it like you showed on your youtube channel now my LG G3 Gets reboot again again like it reboots about 20 to 25 times a day. Then i downloaded the lollipop rom from your and installed it through TWRP Recovery and it still reboot its self again again. please for GOD Sake help me out what should i do. I sick and tired of it. I will be looking forward to hear from you.
    GOD BLess You

    • Victor Powilleit says:

      Try to WIPE all data (everything: system, cache, dalvik, storage..) from your internal storage with the wipe function on TWRP boot screen before flashing it.

  4. Rob says:

    I had this ROM on the AT&T model (d850), and it was great except the CPU would be stuck at 1.5ghz minimum and max. Even with trickster mod tweaking and the built in device control settings. Lagged a good bit.

    • jc user says:

      u might have soft bricked ur lg g3 it happened to mine and i fixed it by installing the stock firmware from here and rooting it with stumproot

  5. sami ibn jamil says:

    i cant seem to move apps to sd cards 🙁
    says no space available

  6. Neph says:

    This rom ended up being highly unstable, there`s also a considerable ammount of apps that are not working properly and like other people said; it won`t let you move the apps easily.
    Go for another rom, resurrection had a much better battery management than this one.
    Anyways, the camera app works perfect, the best thing in this rom.

  7. Rafa says:

    I did this yesterday and it worked fine, but now today at like 3 oclock, my phone wont recognize the headphones
    but it opens up music when i plug them in, but it wont recognize or play music thru headphones

  8. jasper says:

    are there any roms for d852??

  9. Damian says:

    i flashed this rom(newer version actually, 5.1.1 build rom, version 3.8 of blisspop) to my d851. seem to be having this issue when i turn the phone on/off the screen doesnt align in the middle; its as if the screen is split in two and the two halves aren’t lining up(left side is lower than the right side). is there a fix for this?

  10. Abdo says:

    aup dat LG g3 f460s android serial number 0346391

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